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About Us

The strength of Harrisons Malayalam Limited is that it has a large variety of South Indian teas to offer all around the calendar year! This makes HML the ideal partner for a discerning blender looking for diversity and reliability. HML is the second largest Tea manufacturer in South India. Our teas are consumed in over 35 countries worldwide. We have the skills, expertise and the commercial wherewithal to supply large quantities of custom blended standards for individual specific use. We can offer large consistent quantities of both Orthodox and CTC blend.Our teas are EU MRL compliant and that we export to the EU and UK.

Our Gardens:

Surianalle(657 Ha)
Touramulla (143 Ha)
Achoor (647 Ha)
Arrapetta (730 Ha)
Chundale (263 Ha)
Mayfield (308 Ha)
Sentinel Rock(505 Ha)
TOTAL: 3253 Ha
Can offer large consistent quantities of both Orthodox and CTC blend.

Our Products

Fresh Green Leaf Extract (FGLE)
Green Tea Extract (W)
Green Tea Extract (W/A)
Black Tea Extracts
Flavoured Tea
Matcha Tea

Our Range of Teas

High grown CTC Tea
Mid-elevation CTC Tea
Mid-elevation Orthodox Tea

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