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Tea With 6.5 million kgs of CTC and 5.5 million kgs of Orthodox Tea

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Harrisons Tea has presence in the Bulk, Retail segment and is now venturing into Black and Green Tea Extracts

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Our Products

Green tea is derived from the Camellia Sinensis grown in the salubrious climate of South India. Green tea is one of the most sought after Beverages for the last few decades due to its health benefits. It is also widely used in Health and Food Supplements. The health benefit of Green Tea comes from natural molecules found in the plant and these are called Catechins, commonly known as Polyphenols. These molecules exhibit the Antioxidant property in Green Tea Extract and there is a particular Catechin called EGCG (Epi gallo catechin gallate). There are many Catechins in Green Tea and the Extract Supplements contains a small amount of Caffeine, which helps in giving a stimulating effect.

Fresh Green Leaf Extract (FGLE)

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A sustainable source of Fresh Green Tea Leaf closed to the processing unit makes this product unique as the conversion time from raw material to extract the powder is considerably reduced.

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Green Tea - Water Extracts

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The product is made from the dried Green Tea using water for extraction. HML has a sustainable source to make it the best quality and cost effective. This extract is used for both cosmetics and beverage application.

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Green Tea - Water/Alcohol Extracts

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The dried Green Tea product is extracted by using Water and Alcohol. This extraction is carried out in the presence of solvents. This extract can be used for Cosmetics and Beverage industry.

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Black Tea Extracts

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Harrisons produces about 20 million kg of Black Tea per annum, making it the largest producer of Tea in South India. The company produces about equal quantities of CTC and Orthodox Teas .We can produce black Tea extracts from CTC and Orthodox Tea which is suitable for Tea formulations for Health and Beverage industry .

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Flavoured Tea

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Harrisons's strength lies in making Flavoured Green and Black Tea extracts. Based on the customer requirement, natural flavours like Ginger, Lemon, Cardamom etc can be produced. It is possible to make the beverage blends with fruit flavours for both green and black tea

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Matcha Tea

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Matcha Tea originated around 800 years ago in Japan. It is a shade grown Tea having large amount of nutrients. Matcha Tea is Grown and Manufactured in the Classical method which is followed by Japan. This Tea is rich in Catechins L Theanine, Glutamate and Amino acids which helps in Stress reduction.

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About Us

The strength of Harrisons Malayalam Limited is that it has a large variety of South India teas to offer all around the calendar year! This makes HML the ideal partner for a discerning blender looking for diversity and reliability. HML is the second largest Tea manufacturer in South India. Our teas are consumed in over 35 countries worldwide. We have the skills, expertise and the commercial wherewithal to supply large quantities of custom blended standards for individual specific use. We can offer large consistent quantities of both Orthodox and CTC blend.

  • Our Gardens:

      Surianalle(657 Ha)

      Touramulla (143Ha)

      Achoor (647 Ha)

      Arrapetta (730 Ha)

      Chundale (263 Ha)

      Mayfield (308 Ha)

      Sentinel Rock(505 Ha)

    TOTAL: 3253 Ha

Other Products

HML Range of teas can be broadly classified as

High grown CTC Tea
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High grown CTC Tea, from Surianalle in the High Range of Idukki in Kerala at 1500 m. The tea offers strength, colour and briskness making it a very useful component in any blend.

Mid-elevation CTC Tea
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Mid-elevation CTC Tea ,HML has over 6000 acres of tea gardens in the Wayanad region of Kerala. The tea produced from our modern Tea factory of Achoor is among the best teas of South India and is distinguished by its body and colour. The liquors are neutral in taste and brightness which makes them a favourite with local and export blenders.

Mid-elevation Orthodox Tea
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Mid-elevation Orthodox tea ,Our orthodox leaf grades are used as originals or in blends of other origins. Some blenders have remarked that these provide a suitable “Yin” to the Sri Lankan “Yang”! The fanning and dust grades are regularly exported for both hot and iced tea.

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What Our clients say? clients feedback

Pooja S

We visited Harrison Tea factory and we could see all the processes even when the factory was shut for Diwali. The guide explained everything so well that it was a live experience.Educative tour with reasonable charges and a place to pick up tea that is only exported.

PL Palani

We visited the Harrison Malayalam tea estates and the factory near Devikulam, Munnar. The tea estates are so vast and green one feels like spending full time there. The factory visit was very educative...the staff in the factory very helpful...they showed us all the processes...drying, grinding, segregating, packaging. we were very happy to know that maximum output of this factory is exported. There is small shop where one can buy tea at a discount rate. There is white tea, which according to the staff, taking one small leaf a day ( biting and eating ) will keep BP under control.



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